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Welcome to the Thanatos Society!

The Thanatos Society believes strongly in the connection between life and death. We feel that accepting death as a natural part of life is the only way to maintain a satisfying and peaceful existence. Embracing death releases you from fear and allows you to reach your full potential.

This web site will tell you more about who we are and how you can become a member. Feel free to browse around.

About Us

The Thanatos Society includes 37 chapters nationwide.  The participants are as diverse as America itself, but share the same goal - to accept the inevitable. Many are curious about an afterlife.  Some members practice various methods to induce a "flatline" state. Others are fascinated with the transformation of death from friend to foe 500 years ago.  Most find it to be an extremely exhilarating experience that helps define their view of the world. Often members talk of their own death giving them a clarity of thought and purpose that they never had before or since. Others finally find peace and acceptance of their past actions. Come and join us to see what accepting your death will mean to you.