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Puzzle 1

Location & Scenario

At the Crossroads Community Center, we invite everybody in, and then follow our program.

  • Welcome

  • Provide ground rules

  • Consume the (candy) ashes of the NY Chapter President

  • Call up captains; give each a calla lily. Lilies are tied with a ribbon in that team's color.

  • Announce essay winner

  • Place winner in guillotine.

  • G-Men break in, causing gunfight

  • G-Men shoo everybody out


Hidden inside the calla lily is a metal rod with a note on it: COVERT LOCATION ON MERCER ISLAND.

Elapsed Time

People arrive at 12:00
The show starts at 12:15
People are back in their cars at 12:30
People are moving at 12:35


Lily no - "you forgot something at the opening."
Lily yes - "you have what you need."
"what's another word for 'covert'?"
"you need to find something named 'secret' on mercer island."

Answer - Secret Park on Mercer Island