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Welcome to the Thanatos Society!

The Thanatos Society was a cover for a road rally held by Kenny and Dana Young of Redmond, Washington (with help from Craig Unger) on June 28-29, 1997. Ten teams of about six players apiece raced all over Washington State in search of the finish line (and their prize, a set of miniature guillotines). Teams were equipped with cellular phones, laptops, cheese graters, and even a portable message board to taunt other teams from the highway.

Guests were given the first newsletter in early May as an invitation; many people threw it out and did not want to hear from us again. They missed the point, and the fun. We then directed them to this site, and the fun began.

For the original home page, click here

If you want to contact us for any reason, mail us at kennyy@microsoft.com.